Hi I just posted this comment in the ask the expert area too. We want to engage with our community and don't know where or how to start. Please can others tell us how they do this and if possible share any materials they have? Thanks.


  • Matumbo Moses Atumbo 13 May 2011

    It would be good if some of our colleagues here could share how they run their community advisory groups. We would like some tips and examples to help us

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 25 Apr 2011

    Thanks Raffaella for your fast reply and your usual helpful contributions on this platform. I guess you can submit your PDF with a short explanatory note as a "guidance article", which enables templates uploading.

  • mbwinga mbwinga 11 Apr 2011

    This is a good point about how to maintain a CAB. This is still a learning area for many research group and it would be helpful to hear from others about how they keep CABs going. What is best? A CAB for one study or an ongoing committee used for all research activities in a location?

  • ommy omar 10 Apr 2011

    Dear all,
    2011 is so quite for CAB discussion page.Where we are?
    In Bagamoyo we have CAB team but the main challenges is how to maintain them as far as we know they have to work independently from our Research activities.

  • mlopenza mlopenza 17 Dec 2010

    Thanks everyone for this discussion we is just setting up a CAB the problem we having is who to select and how to select them. we were unsure about types of peoples and balance across community and process of selection. This has helped some

  • phaikyeongcheah Phaik Yeong Cheah 22 Nov 2010

    Hello everyone!
    Am sorry I have not shared the charter. But do have a look at this. It will give you some information on how we run our CAB.
    Phaik Yeong

  • jhermendez jhermendez 8 Oct 2010

    our community engagement is new we are doing this informally and using our judgement we join the call for guidance and examples

  • plopez plopez 30 Sep 2010

    On this topic we are too learning. We have a community advisory group for our nutrition studies in Brazil. We could not find too much help or training on this and think we have been OK but some better guidance would be good and help us improve this important area.

  • mamulla Moses 27 Sep 2010

    Please do provide the Charter. Can you place it on here as a document all can have? I see the point from Dr Sisira about not having SOPs and strict codes of practice but some guidance would be helpful and community engagement is so important and many sites do not do this yet so please yes, share how you have done this. Thanks

  • phaikyeongcheah Phaik Yeong Cheah 21 Sep 2010

    Hello everyone,
    We recently set up a community advisory board on the Thai-Burmese border. We have a Charter. If you are interested, I can email it to you.
    Phaik Yeong

  • Nanfuka Rehma Nanfuka Kisakye 14 Sep 2010

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the discussion. It is really informative. The document to which Tracey provided a link, is really good. Thanks Tracey for that.

  • Adamu Adamu 10 Sep 2010

    Dear all
    I have enjoyed reading the openions so far. This is an important aspect, yet not well addressed.

  • achapal achapal 6 Sep 2010

    Greetings all. This is a helpful discussion. We too are in need of a CAB and do not yet have one in place. I can see the point that Dr Sisira makes that this is not an area where we need or want precise international guidelines or firm instructions and so SOPs are really not appropriate here. However many sites are likely to be the same as us, we are not confident and are not sure how best to approach this. Dr Juma and Dr Sisira please do give some more advice on who to select and what training to give them. Perhaps you have some examples of the materials you use? Just this discussion and examples of what pitfalls we might avoid would help.

  • omar Omar Juma 2 Sep 2010

    Must be a communities representatives who can work independently with Research sites.However those representatives must be empowered by knowledge and skills of communities research well as clinical trials.The question is how this board can be empowered so that they can work with confidence and use their power to make sure the ethics and rights of participants are acquired.For example if CAB members are empowered by research sites then here bias cant be avoided.Bagamoyo Research and Training Centre,branch of Ifakara Health Institute facilitate the establishment of CAB and we are in the process to find out how CAB can acquire more power from other resources to avoid bias.

  • kclspansis Sisira Siribaddana 31 Aug 2010

    There will be many articles, SOPs and advisory guidelines. But honest genuine engagement with the community needs commitment passion and empathy for the community with a good research protocol that has been approved by IRB. This takes time and energy and approaches needs needs to be tailored to each community.

  • hsosa hsosa 27 Aug 2010

    In particular it would be good if anyone has any SOPs for this? Would a SOP be appropriate for setting up a community advisory board?

  • hsosa hsosa 25 Aug 2010

    Thanks for explaining your methods for setting up a community board. We have not done this and I now think it might be easier than we thought it would be. Are there any papers or guidance articles that anyone can share on this?

  • mamulla Moses 23 Aug 2010

    We have now formed a group from the community. We asked the village leaders to nominate people and we have six people. There are two teachers, an elder a bike-taxi driver and two ladies who look after there families. I would be interested in hearing whether people with more experience of this could comment on if this is a good number and representation? We have not had a meeting yet. Thank you

  • mamulla Moses 16 Aug 2010

    We are just in the process of setting up a community advisory group for our studies. We have had not had one before. I have used all these references and experiences everyone has written about here so thank you for those contributions. I shall let you know how we get on.

  • jchandra jchandra 11 Aug 2010

    This is an interesting area that I would like to learn more about as we do not have much experience of community engagement. There is a good blog article on using video clips to help with the consent process, I like this idea and have asked if that research team could share some examples of such videos with us? Has anyone had experience of this in the area of community engagement and in trying to explain about research to the community in general? thank you and good evening.

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