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The overall objective of this call is to support a landscape analysis to better identify the knowledge gaps and lessons learned about the transmission patterns and ecology of the mosquito vectors, and the challenges and successes in preventing and controlling the diseases they transmit. Specifically, this analysis will be done through commissioned reviews that will investigate our current knowledge and experiences on the following topics:

Industrial activities and VBD transmission, with a special focus on gold mining activities that are strongly disturbing the malaria ecosystems in Africa, Asia and Latin America (particularly the regions of the Amazon). A review on this topic has to include evidence of the outcomes of this activity, and how this problem can be approached and improved through a good health programme.

Integrated strategies for the prevention and control of VBDs within the context of eco-bio-social approaches. Using dengue as a proxy, this review should assess the full spectrum of health interventions including ‘traditional’ vector control activities as well as the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ tools in population control and disease prevention, and how interventions can be synergized to maximize public health impact.

Displacement of people and consequences on VBD transmission, examining knowledge on the impact of migration (for reasons of economic or civil unrest or war), displacement of temporary workers and any other population movements. The review should include current public, private and civil society responses that address the problem as well as challenges and missed opportunities.

Impact of environmental changes including climatic changes and biological changes such as biodiversity loss, and water management on the consequences on VBD cycles and social changes. The review should look at how the interventions are modifying the transmission patterns and the implementation challenges.

Inter-sectoral collaborations for the prevention and control of VBDs, and how stakeholders are working together to achieve the implementation of a global strategy. This review should not only include examples of initiatives with analysis of the results, but also provide conceptual frameworks for multi-sectoral approaches.

Under this call, five commissioned review proposals that provide a landscape of Multi-Sectoral Approaches (MSAs) will be selected for funding for a maximum total funding of US$ 25 000 per commissioned review.

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