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I am a clinical researcher from the CRENC (Clinical research education, networking and consultancy ) and I am happy to join. At the CRENC, we have a strong interest and conviction for research capacity development as mean of helping closing the prevention and control gaps for major diseases conditions in Africa. For sure, collaboration and sharing of experiences and resources is the best way to foster capacity development. Please share your thoughts.


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 8 Mar 2016

    Hi Anastase

    It is lovely to meet you and welcome to The Global Health Network. Whereabouts are you based, and what sorts of capacity development activities does your group work on? We would be very interested to hear more about your work.

    You're also welcome to sign your research group up to SiteFinder, another area of The Global Health Network; it freely lists research groups like yours so that others can easily find them for collaborations (whether this is training or a new trial). Simply log in and go to

    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

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