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We are grateful for your interest in collaborating with GHT for the West African Regional Faculty (WARF). I am GHT coordinator for West Africa and let me first tell you what GHT program is all about:

Global Health Trials needs a presence in the regions and a regional faculty is one mean to ensure this.
The program is still in its early days and the regional faculties can grow with the program, however for the main time we need volunteer members to freely commit themselves to it for this to happen.
The aim of Global Health Trials is around linking up on-line to share knowledge, tools and resources by building a community for all those who work on trials: research coordinators, trainers, monitors, research nurses, investigators, lab managers and data managers, who work day to day on trials and are showing interest in our activities (just like you did by visiting our link).
The essence of your collaboration with us a faculty member (membership activities) would therefore be:
- To engage yourselves in group discussions
- To share tools and resources at their disposal (that can be useful and instructive for others)
-To post Blog entries on the challenge they face daily in their various locations and some information on how they succeeded in solving their issues (if any) , or
-To submit guidance articles to our peer review board on best practices or special skills or techniques they developed in your centres that could be of benefice for others.
We need members who would really be committed to this and give this the time and desire to take us forward, in building a community which will be able to realize much more in the future: in terms of seminars , workshops, etc…
If you are interested, please you need not to take any further step, but to invite more colleagues to register on the website and to begin sharing your experience and resources with others.
Welcome on board and hoping to read from you soon on the GHT platform.


  • VivatThomas_Njie Vivat Thomas-Njie 5 Apr 2012

    Dear Frida,
    Sorry it took so long to hear from us in the Gambia after your visit to our site some time ago.
    First let me introduce myself to all, I am a RN, now working as the Unit Clinical Trials Monitor. My work involves the monitoring of all internally sponsored studies and assisting in the monitoring of a few externally sponsored trials. I also conduct GCP training for our research staff and help in the training of study staff at initiation visits and the writing and review of SOPs for the conduct of clinical trials.
    Recently there has been the reciprocal monitoring programme started in East Africa, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to start this in West Africa.
    Frida as you are based in Ghana maybe you can start by engaging monitors working alone in Ghana and see how best you can get it started in our region not forgetting the involvment of the PIs.
    At our Unit we have a group of researchers that meets monthly to share clinical trial experiences and I have invited them all to register on the website.
    I hope sooner than later we will have more West Africans involved in clinical trials registering and be able to share not only our experiences but also our meagre resources too.
    Best wishes

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