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Hello mi Name is Demian Herrera im a Pediatrician right now im working as a teacher and inthe assesment of thesis in the Universidad Odontologica Dominica, and doing some research on acute diarrhea in children, mostly my research have been epidemiology studies.
We would like for people from the caribbean region to join this group as we are started our regional faculty, by joining you'll get information regarding activities on your local areas, and get updates on other information; we would like for you to introduce yourself's and where you're from, and talk a little about you.
If you haven't joined we appreciate you join the sitefinder page (
And if you are from the Dominican Republic you can get in touch with me by mail as we are trying to start working on activities here with the help of GHT.


Caribbean Region Dominican Republic Regional Faculty

  • Hello again, we started a webpage as the beginning of our regional faculty of the caribbean region in the Dominican Republic, its in spanish and we are trying to publish information regarding research and news, with some resources and other issues.

    Heres the link:

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