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We are delighted to announce our first Global Health Clinical Trials Regional Faculty. We invite all local members in this region to join this discussion. Later we will have a dedicated area on the website. For others in different locations please email if you would like to set up a regional faculty in your area.


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  • Hi,
    I'm from Mali, working with Malaria Research and Training Center since 2003. I will be more than happy to make available my experiences in antimalarial clinical trials in Mali.



  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 8 Jan 2011

    You are welcome dear Isaac, we are eager to know what is happening in your trial over there. In addition, if you are aware of any training happening in your region, and ready to welcome freely some other participants from this network, please do not hesitate to let us know in order to make our region a free zone to learn and grow in the good clinical practices in clinical research.

  • VivatThomas_Njie Vivat Thomas-Njie 11 Jan 2011

    Hello all,
    I am from the Gambia working at the MRC, Fajara, as a Clinical Trials Monitor. It is good to have regional faculties.
    We are more involved with paediatric vaccine studies.
    I was wondering if anyone has got West African laboratory reference ranges for paediatric population that you use in your studies and would not mind sharing. Thank you

  • Hi all,
    I am Gbenga. I am a consultant Family Physician with the National Hospital Abuja Nigeria. I am presently a fellow of the WHO/TDR Clinical Research and Development Programme in New Jersey USA. My research interest is in Clinical research on malaria, TB and HIV. I am currently involved in clinical drug development of a novel drug to be used as adjunctive therapy for cerebral malaria to reduce mortality among cerebral malaria patients. I hope to be back in Nigeria later this year. It is having a West Africa regional faculty for GHT and I am willing to co-ordinate the Nigerian branch.

  • Hi Frida,
    I am Gbenga a consultant Family Physician with National Hospital Abuja and a current fellow of WHO/TDR Clinical Research Career Development in USA. I just received a mail from Trudie who told me to contact you. I hope to be back in Nigeria later this year and would be glad to lead the Nigerian chapter of the West Africa Regional Faculty of the GHT.

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 18 Feb 2011

    Excellent,dear Gbenga; Please do send me your email contact using the GHT mailing system and I will send you the term of reference right away, as you can start being active now before your return to Nigeria.
    Thank you.

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 21 Feb 2011

    Dear researchers,
    We are conscious that our region is composed of both French and English speaking scientific community, and we are planning to have all the articles of this website translated in French in the near future. However should you be interested right now to have a particular article translated in French to ease your understanding of it, please do not hesitate to lay your request here, and we shall attend to it right away. In addition, should you want to share a view or enter a comment on a particular article and you are limited by the language, please go ahead and use French and we shall endeavour to translate your comments in English.
    Chère communauté scientifique,
    nous sommes conscients que notre région est composée tant de chercheurs francophones que de chercheurs anglophones, et nous avons l'intention de traduire tous les articles de ce site web en français dans un avenir proche. Néanmoins, si vous êtes dès à présent intéressés par la traduction d'un article précis pour en faciliter la compréhension, S.V.P n'hésitez pas à déposer vos requêtes ici, et nous vous donnerons satisfaction dans les plus brefs délais. De même, si vous souhaitez rejoindre un groupe de discussion, ou commenter un article précis, mais vous êtes limités par la langue, exprimez vous en français et nous nous chargerons de traduire vos commentaires en langue anglaise.

  • zouisaac Zoumana Isaac TRAORE 13 May 2011

    Dear Frida,
    Thanks so much. Actually we will be working on PYRAMAX (pyronaridine/artesunate) / EURARTESIM (DHA/piperaquine) Longitudinal Phase IIIb/IV study financed by European and developing countries clinical trials partnership ( from 2006 to 2009 we have worked on Novartis dispersible formulation of Co-Artem and on Pfizer Chloroquine+Azitromycim in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria. We have also an vaccine trials team who have worked on AMA1, MSP1, MSP3.... malaria candidate vaccine. we have a wealth of expertise and facilities to deal with all kind of trials here in Mali. Furtheremore we have a Certified Clinical laboratory.
    I have recently create a group in clinical research in Africa on (

    Best regards


  • Hi

    I am Postgraduate Medical Doctor with more then 10yrs experience in Medical field which includes Family Practitioner, Faculty in the department of Anatomy,Clinical Research professional.Presently working as Sr.Manager-SiteManagement operations,Makrocare Clinical Research Ltd,Hyderabad.

    I have worked with many reputed organizations like 1) Max Neeman International, Delhi, India. 2)Pinnacle Clinical Research Ltd, Hyderabad, India 3) Clinical Trial Wing , Asha Hospital, Hyderabad.

    I have successfully handled global clinical trials in diversified therapeutic segments. I had participated in various national and global clinical trial audits. I have sound knowledge of clinical trial operations and site management operations. Also, I have participated various national and international audits and regulatory inspections.

    I would Like to introduce you to GCP HelpDesk Website

    In this website you will find Good Clinical Practice (GCP) related information for the Clinical Research Industry professionals on request. The GCP HelpDesk is designed to provide information for clinical research professionals with questions regarding handling, conducting and managing clinical research as per GCP, FDA and other Regulations. This HelpDesk is aimed to provide transparency from resources and expertise in the field of Clinical Reasearch with the recent developments and changes in the guidelines for clinical research professionals. The GCP HelpDesk is a searchable website that will match the question with solution by industry experts and other dedicated sites to a specific area. Both simple and complicated questions are welcomed by the GCP HelpDesk and we will provide you the answer, if not hope to point you to the one who can. The GCP HelpDesk service is completely free and you can search for required information or by sending an email to GCP Help Desk by including your full name, email address, valid phone number, and a brief description of the problem. We will get back to you through email.

  • Hello,

    Don't miss this chance to put your views and learn about the best practices in conducting clinical trials with the industry speaker NADINA C. JOSE, MD, Former Director for Global Clinical Site Management and Monitoring for the Asia–Pacific region, Allergan Inc, USA

    MakroCare is is excited to announce the Webinar on Clinical Trials : Asia-Pacific Perspective. This is of no cost; however has limited member registrations available. So make sure you are registered.

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    Date : Friday, 23rd September 2011
    7:00 AM to 8:00 AM EST
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    Webinar: From your own Desk (Internet connection and head set / speakers)

    For More info regarding this please check out the link

    See you on the live webinar!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Dr Sreedhar
    MakroCare Team

  • tchantler Tracey Chantler 19 Oct 2011

    Dear all,

    My name is Tracey Chantler and I work at GHT office in the Uk. I have some experience in working on an co-ordinating vaccine trials in the Uk and in Western Kenya. I also have a strong interest in qualitative research and currently I am involved in reviewing innovating approaches in trial monitoring. This work is premised on the notion that we need sensible and pragmatic quidelines which reflect the risks posed to patients and do not draw our attention away from patients/trial participants.

    I was interested to read about Sreedhar's GCP Help Desk. However I could not access it, I found your Linked in page. Could you please, post the link again.

    I would also like us to think carefully about equating ethical practice in clinical trials with GCP. The following viewpoint article is very helpful in thinking about this. It is written by some very respected scientists in the USA, Canada and the UK.

    Lancet. 2005 Jul 9-15;366(9480):172-4.
    The Good Clinical Practice guideline: a bronze standard for clinical research.
    Grimes DA, Hubacher D, Nanda K, Schulz KF, Moher D, Altman DG.
    SourceFamily Health International, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.

    This is the PUB Med link to this paper,you may be able to access the full text article here.

    Here is another viewpoint article which draws on investigators experiences of conducting trials in Kenya and Thailand.

    See 1 article found using an alternative search:

    Lancet. 2011 May 7;377(9777):1553-5. Epub 2011 Feb 19.
    Clinical research: time for sensible global guidelines.
    Lang T, Cheah PY, White NJ.

    The pub med link is as follows:



  • tchantler Tracey Chantler 19 Oct 2011

    Just to say sorry the above pub med links do not work, however you can search for these articles using Pub Med, or google scholar.

    Best wishes,

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 28 Nov 2011

    Hi All out there,

    I am Innocent ALI, 2011 PhD candidate and a poverty Related and Neglected Tropical Diseases College Fellow( based in the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon. The Biotechnology Centre where I work is one of the main research centre for tropical diseases research. I have some experience in phase II, III and IV clinical trials sponsored both by the Gates Foundation, WHO/TDR and Industry. We are happy that The Biotechnology Centre will be the focal centre for faculty in the Central African sub-Region. We are planning to host the first workshop for knowledge sharing and networking for trialists working in this subregion. we shall welcome resources that will make our workshop very fruitful. I will be sharing some experience and challenges we have had and how we set out to overcome this in the particular areas of trial initiation process, community engagement, trial approvals etc.



  • Good day,
    I am Benyeogor Emmanuel a fresh biochemist. Am currently in service (a one year national youth service corp scheme) in Nigeria and would be passing out in June 2012. I am looking forward to oppurtunities to apply and gain hand on experience and skill as regards clincal trials and research as is my ambition.

    Farida Maam or anyone who can refer me or assist me in achieving this will be helping the world as i am keen on and believe in Bionics and a perfect Global health system.

    Am up for volunteering and internship in this regards.


  • Hello, I am Joshua Nii Tackie Ofoli a Family Physician practicing in Abuja, Nigeria. I am interested in research in noncommunicable diseases including but not restricted to malaria, hypertension, diabetes and hepatitis as well as maternal and child health. I need information on how I can actively participate in any ongoing training and research going on.

  • wow its been a while, if theres anyone in search of a biochemist with IT skills call on me. As am running a Microsoft Certified IT Professional course at the moment to write my certification exams in December.
    also doctors and nurses interested in volunteering for at most 4weeks in a rural setting in lagos nigeria should contact me.

  • arumadisu Elizabeth Disu 4 Dec 2012

    Dear All,
    I am a paediatrician with a bias for neonatology. I have recently developed interest in SCD children and currently looking at post vaccine immunoglobulin levels among Sickle Cell Anaemia Children. I will be glad to benefit from the experience of anyone who has been involved with a similar research.

  • Dear all; having a PhD in biochemistry, i am interested by every lab project in the management of noncommunicable diseases.

  • rasaqoseni Dr. Rasaq Oseni 8 Jan 2013

    Dear all,
    I am a Nigerian physician working as a medical expert with Bayer AG in Germany. I am interested in challenges facing clinical trial in Africa, particularly Nigeria, and ways of solving those hindrances.

  • ndrresearch dr richard 9 Jan 2013

    CLINICAL TRIAL DIABETES. We will provide the drug and new Siemens clinic HbA1c and urinalysis machines if you can help with local ethics and regulatory procedures. In Phase 2 clinical trials in Europe, diabetics had all oral medications withdrawn and remained non diabetic for 4 months without any repeat treatment or other medication.

    HIV: We also seek a site for trial of new HIV drug. We will supply a CD4 count machine if required.

    If you are interested, please contact me at

    Thank you.

    Attached files: Diabetes_EASD_HbA1c_with_legend.jpg

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