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Hi There,

I am Innocent ALI, A Biomedical Researcher and Poverty Related Diseases College Fellow at the Biotechnology Centre, University of Yaounde 1.On behalf of 'Team Central Africa' made of myself, Prof Wilfred Mbacham, Olivia Achonduh and Akindeh Mbuh, I am pleased to introduce the Global Health Trials Central Africal Regional Faculty(GHT_CARF). In this forum, we will like for you to introduce yourself, your team, what you do and most of all interact on issues around global health trials and the challenges you face at your workplace. We shall keep a strong networking node and frqquently interact as you visit the site and make contributions.

I eagerly await your first posts, blogs, articles and resource sharing. If you also have news to share, events or opportunities in global health, feel free to email us in this forum.


  • Hi everyone this day I completed all existing courses on the site The Global Health with good responses and I would like to have others to complete, to accumulate knowledge to build me advantage and to take advantage of people who would like to share thier resources.


    Bonsoir à tout le monde en ce jour j'ai validé tous les cours existants sur le site The Global Health avec de bonnes mentions et j'aimerais en avoir d'autres pour être au top et accumuler des connaissances pour m'édifier d'avantage et faire en profiter des personnes qui voudraient bien.


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 18 Feb 2013

    Dear Guewo

    thank you for your comment. We are indeed uploading more eLearning courses all the time: keep an eye on the eLearning pages for more. We know that the eLearning centre is extremely popular and one of our main focusses is indeed creating a high volume of high-quality courses to keep up with the demand.

    The eLearning courses are created from face-to-face courses that researchers are completing: they volunteer to share their teaching materials and work with Global Health Trials to turn these into eLearning courses. If any of our members would like to share materials from courses you have taught, please get in touch at

    Thank you
    The Editorial Team

  • i'm happy for my country !it 's good to know that the best is still to come i'm a master student in biomedical sciences at the University of Yaounde 1 and hope that i 'll completed all thoses courses on The Global Health!

  • mbalogun Mobolanle Balogun 10 Nov 2014

    Hello, I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Community Health & Primary Care of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. I have special research in Reproductive Health and Infectious Diseases. I have carried out intervention studies within communities and I am interested in learning more within this network. Thank you.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 11 Nov 2014

    Hi Every one..Good to hear the exciting things that are going on in our region. We want to gather information on the global health research landscape and gaps in capacity building in our region. We will like to link up with volunteers in this region who will help the collective effort to source out the relevant information for this exciting idea. Please contact me if you are willing and available a few hours weekly for a couple of weeks and we will discuss how to move forward. you can email me through this platform of using my email address
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 22 Jun 2015

    Hi Everyone,
    an excitign grant writing workshop is being organised at the University of Yaounde 1 by ISRECA and other collaborators.

    Grant Writing for Emerging Career Researchers
    July 15-17, 2015
    University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon
    Objectives and aim:
    The demand for new staff members to close the gap in manpower in Institutions of Higher Learning in Cameroon is quite high. In 2011, about 1000 new and young lecturers were enrolled in State universities in Cameroon. The newly recruited staff members are eligible to apply for small grants from institutions like the EU, WHO/TDR, WELLCOME TRUST, TWAS, DFG, IFS and the Grand Challenges that provide such grants. However, due to the competitive nature of international funding, and the lack of experience in research methodologies and proposal writing the success rate of these ECR is very low and accounts for the gap in terms of research output in Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region in general. While it is hoped that institutions like ISHReCA will continue to advocate for specific grant schemes to target countries in this region like the WHO/TDR small country grants, it is imperative to empower young researchers in this region with “grantmanship” skills to be able to compete internationally.

    The Department of Biochemistry, University of Yaoundé 1 and IFS alunmi (ACBIFS) through funding from AuthorAid (INASP) in connection with the Initiative to Strengthen Health Research Capacity in Africa (ISHReCA) will like to implant the spirit of grant writing in these emerging careers researchers, by organizing a workshop on how to write scientific proposals and apply for research grants. This workshop will regroup at least 30 participants.

    For more information, please download the attached files.

    Attached files: Workshop_Announcements_Grant_Writing_for_Emerging_Career_Researchers_2015__Version_2.docx, Flyer_for_Grant_writing.docx, APPLICATION_FORM.DOCX

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