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Hi everyone, I am a biomedical technologist currently working as a field laboratory technologist and would like people to share there experience in working in the field and what challenges you might have encountered. I am new in my profession and want to expand my career in research through this platform. This will me and everyone else gain knowledge of field work. So lets share our experience


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 5 Jul 2016

    Hi Joseph,

    Welcome to the community! It is lovely to meet you and I hope you are enjoying your introduction to the clinical research field. There are many discussions on this website about different challenges, ranging from community engagement through to funding for lab equipment and challenges finding training. As you're a lab technologist you might also appreciate the discussions on Global Health Laboratories ( which is specifically for lab staff and linked with this website - but do come back to Global Health Trials too!

    I look forward to hearing lots about your new role
    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

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