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Hello everyone,

What a great resource this is! I work for Maternova Research, and have a specific question. We are undertaking a pilot feasibility trial for a medical device, and are working with clinics in two different countries. In putting together our clinical trial contracts, we came across a need- language specific to data access, rights, and publication rights. We are committed to sharing all of our data with the pilot sites, and would like to co author papers after the trial's completion. We do, however, have an obligation (per our grantor) to publish x number of papers with us as the lead author.

Does anyone have some boilerplate language for access to data/publication rights? Thanks so much! We are building our internal capacity but don't have our own dedicated internal legal team yet so help from the community is most appreciated. We will attribute all resources shared.

Thank you!
Emily Taylor
Maternova Research


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