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Can we have a discussion about what others use for normal ranges in specific groups?


  • jagawal jagawal 5 Mar 2011

    Do other groups have sets of normal ranges that they use for infants, paed or other specific groups and could these be shared? thank you

  • kawuondo Ken Kawuondo 13 Jun 2011

    Hi Jagawal,
    Apology for late coming on this interesting discussion.The term "normal ranges" is a misnomer because normal is a relative term. A child with an Hb of 7 gm/dl is normal in Africa but this is not normal in Western Europe or in US.
    The correct term to use is 'Reference Values". The Reference values should be specific to a geographical region,population, gender and age. This therefore means that the Reference values cannot be shared across the regions or age or gender.
    You need to establish the Reference Values for the population where you are. Even within my country Kenya, the values varies from region to region. The Hb of people who are residing on the highlands is higher than the Hb of the population residing at the Coast.
    For our own purpose, we did one year Reference Value studies for adults (female & male) and pediatrics between age of 12-119 months. We are currently, involved in determining the reference values for under 12 months.If you need more details on establishing the Reference values, I will be more than glad to share with you our experience.
    Thank you

  • cmagata C Magata 16 Jun 2011

    This is a good topic and helpful as we could use your reference values in our location in Zimbabwe. We would benefit from your adults and children. I think you can publish them on this site? It would be good if so.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 15 Aug 2012

    Dear C. Magata

    This is a very interesting topic you are raising because of its importance. Increasingly, clinical vaccine, drug and diagnostics trials are being carried out in Africa. such large and often multicentre studies aim to provide the best evidence for policy on drug, vaccine efficacy or effectiveness, but parameters are beiung compared with references in western populations. I bet you many people know about this issue and no one is doing anything to correct it. I have a proposal idea on how to go establish reference ranges for diverse parameters in different ecological settings in Africa and we can talk more about this if you dont mind. you can email me.

    @ Ken, I completely agree with you. I wish to know if your lab facility has been accredited and if so can you be so kind to share your experience.

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