According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Epi-week 6 report for February 2018, the Lassa fever outbreak continued with a total of 615 suspected cases reported across 17 states. Of this, 193 have been confirmed positive to the Lassa fever virus. 43 deaths were recorded in confirmed cases giving a case fatality rate (CFR) of 23.9%. There are plans to coordinate a research response to the Lassa outbreak and we should be ready!  The Nigerian Regional Faculty of the Global Health Network will be working with the EDCTP ALERRT network to ensure Nigeria's leadership and strong coordination and hope to join forces with effort led from WHO and the Nigerian CDC. As part of this initiative we will also be working to ensure that capacity in place for vaccine and drug trials for Lassa and other trials that may come along in the short to medium term. A great starting point would be knowing who is working on this already or if there is interest amongst our network? Please, could you let us know here whether you are already working in this area or if you would like to join forces with us in this research and capacity development effort around Lassa when we are called upon.


  • akarstephen Akar Stephen 27 Feb 2018

    I'm very much interested. I have previously done a secondary data analysis of cases of Lassa in Plateau State between January 2012 and December 2015. Have also participated in Lassa fever outbreak in Bauchi State in September 2016

  • I would like to be involved in the research as i do not have any current study in this regrd. Thank you.

  • I would love to participate in the research and capacity development effort with regards to lassa fever. Thanks.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 28 Feb 2018

    Thank you to all who are replying about this - we are keeping track of all who say they're interested in being involved. It would be really helpful if anyone interested could register their research group on SiteFinder (which is free!) so that we can see information about your area, site, experience and so on - this will help make it quicker when we coordinate a research response. It's part of The Global Health Network, so just use your usual log in details, and visit:

    Thank you!

  • I would like to participate in the research and capacity development with regards to Lassa fever. I have managed suspected cases at Evangel Hospital in Jos and also at Family Medicine practice Centre Gawu-Babangida but have not been involved in any study yet.
    Many thanks

  • fhemy2003 Olufemi Amoo 28 Feb 2018

    Interested in participating. Thank you.

  • I am interested.
    Part of my current research seeks to identify and characterize possible new rodents' species harboring Lassa virus aside the well known Mastomys natalensis.
    I also belong to a research group currently working on the mathematical modeling of the transmission dynamics of Lassa fever in Nigeria.

  • This is a great initiative. Would love to join forces in addressing this menace.

  • good day. I am interested in this initiative. I haven't worked in Lassa fever before but I would be happy if I can work on it.

  • I'd be glad to be part of the study

  • tynaanowai Clementina Anowai 1 Mar 2018

    I will like to be part of the study. I have done some research work but not on lassa fever.

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  • I'm interested in taking part in Lassa fever interventions. I am not currently working on anything pertaining to Lassa fever but I took part in a Lassa fever outbreak investigation in Nasarawa State in 2017.

  • I would like to work with you in this research. I have gained much knowledge and certificates in clinical research and this would be an opportunity to apply my knowledge practically while also contributing my over 10years experience in general laboratory medicine.

  • thearkmedicalcentre thearkmedicalcentre 6 Mar 2018

    I'll be very much interested in this laudable project. Thanks

  • agbaragumau Maureen Agbaragu 8 Mar 2018

    Am interested in being involved, thanks

  • Unprecedented Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria is hopefully not taking Nigeria by surprise. Nigeria has know Lassa fever for quite a while, in fact from its discovery. I have no doubt that the countries mechanisms will be refined to curb this outbreak. There is a lot we can learn from the team on the ground as we come to volunteer in the fight against this outbreak. Important tips about Lassa fever can be found at the link below.

  • cristinatato Cristina Tato 11 Mar 2018

    Hello, I lead the rapid response team for the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, a new non-profit medical research organization. We have considerable expertise in whole genome sequencing of pathogens from human tissue samples (blood, saliva, BAL, fecal, CSF etc). We would very much like to provide support to your research labs in Nigeria during this Lassa outbreak. We can also help generate reagents or tools that would facilitate research capacity within your labs. There are a number of ways in which might be able to help. I would be very happy to have a conversation with you to explore potential collaborations.

  • Hi, Cristina Tato

    Great! Can we carry this forward to see how we can collaborate. Kindly send a mail to

  • johnstonethitiri Johnstone Thitiri 29 Mar 2018

    I'm happy to help - ready to travel

  • oladejid Sofoluke Oladeji 31 Mar 2018

    I love to be a part of these

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