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Hi participants,
Everything about the just concluded conference was amazing!- The team work, enthusiasm, dedicated publicity, the commitment of speakers, the zeal of participants, the impactful presentation by erudite professors, the quality of the organization and timeliness, the networking, collaboration and partnership formed, the mix of various roles in research from across the country, the age range from young people to perhaps octogenarian, the harmony and symphony of the message that ran through all the presentations, the lunch meetings and lots lots lots more...
Now is your opportunity to share your personal experience on this platform. Over to you.  

  • I must say that I gained a lot from the conference. It was a very educative, entertaining and interactive conference which stressed the point that we (health workers, non medical staff and the general public) all have a part to play in the development of our health sector and research in Nigeria. Also, I learnt we all as individuals need to think "without the box" and "we should stop talking but start taking actions" that would solve problems to some health care questions that matters to us all...

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 28 Feb 2018

    Dear all - to view the write-up of this workshop, please follow the link:

    Thank you and kind regards

  • hamzasani3 Hamza Alkali Sani 12 Feb 2018

    I am indeed humbled by the powerful package from the organizers. It was a great inspiration listening and interacting with participant and panelist.
    For me the race has just began as i have been sensitized to unleash ( ''... think without the box'') the best in me as a researcher and a team player.

  • What!!! It was a wonderful and impactful conference. I was really inspired to do things differently. It was another opportunity to make new friends and to connect again with old faces. I now know that disruption must happen if things must change and I left with a resolve to make things happen

  • bashirbola Bashir Mariam 9 Feb 2018

    I must say this was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. I love the fact that the topics delved into important health issues as delivered by seasoned presenters.
    Over and above, the conference challenged participants to break bounds and think wide for the benefit of mankind.
    I await next year's conference eagerly, hoping it would gather experts and enthusiasts in the areas of government, policy drivers, educationist, science and technology and environment.
    The time for a positive impact is now. Cheers.