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I finally settled down in office this month after one year fellowship training granted by WHO/TDR and hosted by EISAI INC. New Jersey USA. On returning to National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria, I discovered that there is a complete change in the leadership of my institution. This means I have to recreate awareness about the essence of the fellowship training so that the institution can maximally benefit from my experience. I am still working on how best to do that in a complex beurocratic environment. Meanwhile, I have organized a team of young researchers who are intending to write dissertations for various post-graduate colleges. I have started a series of didactic and practical training on various subjects related to clinical research. I hope to use this as a springboard to renew and increase interest in clinical research in the institution. I hope to give you more information in subsequent blogs.

  • Update on my progress 7 months after WHO/TDR fellowship training in tropical disease research and career development.

    Since I returned from the training hosted by Eisai Inc. New Jersey USA, I have done a couple of things including

    1) Training of younger researchers and resident doctors preparing to do dissertation for part 11 fellowship examination of both West African College of Physicians an Nigerian National Postgraduate Medical College on some of the relevant training I received while in New Jersey.
    2) I wrote a proposal to the management of my home institution on how to strengthen research capacity in the hospital.
    3) I am privileged to be one of the principal investigators for a global research sponsored by Pfizer.
    4) I am working on hopefully getting a PhD in Malaria and human development.
    5) I have recently presented a paper in the scientific conference of West African College of Physicians in The Gambia.
    6) I have continued to network with other researchers locally, regionally and internationally to foster collaborative research.

  • tcmarukutira tcmarukutira 31 May 2011

    Thank you Dr Gbenga for this update as well as what you did during your training. Are you planning to do clinical trials of your own?

  • fridao Frida OYAKHIROMEN 23 May 2011

    That is a wonderful start dear Dr. Gbenga and a good initiative you had with these trainings of yours, please do nor hesitate to keep us posted regularly on your progress in beating the complex bureaucratic system, and to share with us any training that you think will be of benefice for other clinical trialists. welcome back to your institution and good work there....