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The BMJ is keen to help early career academics develop their research skills and understand the academic publishing process. To that end it is seeking to create an online programme of self-study modules under the banner Research to Publication (R>P).
As a first step The BMJ has created a FREE sample module - How to Publish a Protocol - which is available here The module has been created by The BMJ's research editors and contains narrated slides, reading resources, development exercises and MCQs. It contains about 4-hours worth of learning but can be completed in stages to suit the individual.
The module explains how to write up a protocol into a paper that is suitable for publication in a journal and we are delighted to make it available to you via The Global Health Network. The BMJ would welcome your feedback. To get started just click on the link above.
At the end of this module the learner will be able to:

  • understand different meanings of the term ‘protocol’

  • communicate the value of planned research

  • appreciate the characteristics of a good research question

  • match research questions to appropriate study designs

  • evaluate examples of published protocols

  • understand the importance and limitations of trial registration

  • choose the correct guideline for writing a protocol paper

  • describe key features of ICH GCP E6 and SPIRIT guidelines for reporting clinical trial protocols

  • understand how to prepare a real study protocol for publication in a journal

Instructions for taking the module can be found on using the following link: 

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