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Dear members
This month, we would like to know what would help you in your career and your work? This could be anything, so please give any ideas that you have and we will then do our best to meet your needs in any way we can. For example, perhaps you need an eLearning course on a specific topic, an online toolkit (so you can download everything you need to create a monitoring plan, for example), perhaps you'd like a one-day skills sharing workshop in your area, discussions with experts, online webinars on specific topics, access to events in your area, training, mentoring..... it could be anything! Please let us know all your thoughts.
When people give us ideas for resources that they require, we then work with other researchers and our expert committees to create it. For example, when asked to create an eLearning course on Good Clinical Practice, we were able to work with the MRC in the Gambia, who were running an excellent pragmatic GCP course. We worked with them to turn this into an online eLearning course, peer reviewed by our expert panels. If you have ideas for things on the site that you would like but can't find, or else if you've already developed material that you'd like to share, please let us know!.
If you have two minutes, we would also really appreciate you filling in the attached questionnaire which will help us to improve the site, by finding out which areas of the site people find most useful and why.
We appreciate all your feedback!
Thank you in advance and kind regards
The Editorial Team

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 3 Dec 2012

    Thank you. After the very successful workshop in Cameroon, we need more focused training and sharing workshops on a variety of topics in global health, including global health laboratories.

    Also, we need to create Virtual Communities of Practice that will dig into local knowledge about many issues in global health that work but which don't get published. Also, this will help to understand local beliefs and customs and provide an opportunity to clarify certain doubtful (or even harmful) clinical practices that happen locally and learn from others. With the cost of internet hopefully going down by the year, I think this will help a long way in contributing to global health at local levels everywhere.

    I have been talkiing to a colleague who is geared at coordinating a statistics and data management network for central Africa. He will be coming on board soon.


  • Hallo,

    a shared database containing reliable guidance on insurance for clinical trials (e.g., models' templates, examples of how to calculate fees etc.) as well as information on insurance companies and brokers available the study countries, would be very useful!


  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 19 Nov 2012

    Thank you both of you. This is very useful information. We are hoping to run another workshop in Nigeria around March, and Vivat we have been talking about webinars (which would be free, of course!) on Global Health Trials - these would be on a variety of topics relating to clinical research.

    Thank you for your feedback, we will indeed plan both these things, and also work to provide more resources relating to monitoring.

    Do other members have other ideas? The more, the merrier!

    Thank you
    The Editorial Team

  • VivatThomas_Njie Vivat Thomas-Njie 16 Nov 2012

    I work as a Monitor and I am also involved in delivering Basic GCP and Ethics course to staff at our site and would appreciate getting notice of events and training that are related to GCP advanced courses. It would be useful to also be able to have practical workshops to share monitoring skills with monitors within West Africa.
    I find webinar's very useful but so far I am only aware of ACRP webinars, which are quite expensive and therefore not affordable by most people, cheap affordable webinars will be very useful, especially webinars on the global regulatory environment, on challenging issues for resource poor countries such as informed consent process.

  • This looks like an open cheque to be filled with any amount. I expect colleagues to take the opportunity and ask for...So as to build more capacity in clinical research, I want more capacity building and skill sharing workshops to be held in Nigeria.