Today we have launched the pilot for the Global Health Clinical Trials website. We aim for this to be a highly interactive community where anyone working on clinical trials in the field of tropical medicine and global health will come and interact with their peers and seek support with their trials.

Why not write your own blog - tell us about your studies, or your team or simply what happened at your research site today? Have you had any tricky trial issues that you have resolved - or that are still an issue, perhaps someone else has had the same experience and can help?

We are looking forward to hearing from you....


  • hsosa hsosa 27 Jul 2010

    We too in Latin American welcome this website. It seems to us that much of the training effort is directed at the big infectious diseases, HIV, malaria and TB. This is good but we need to learn how to do research in the rarer diseases too and many of the steps in running research are the same - and if you are not working on those diseases it is hard to access training. There are also few places to find information that explain clinical trials so this is exciting for us. We are pleased and wish this programme well. Congratulations.

  • DavelineNyakundi Daveline Nyakundi 24 Jun 2010

    Trudie, this platform is tremendous. i am strongly confident the through it we will be able to enrich each other and grow substantially as we contribute solutions to public health monsters through credible and relevant clinical research. I applaud this idea and all that have propelled it this far.

  • tlang Trudie Lang 23 Jun 2010

    We are just over one month into the pilot and we have over 200 members. So far the programme seems to be very well received. We are really pleased to see such a range and depth of topics coming up in the discussion groups and in the blogs. This is exactly what we had in mind and so great to see people posting up their trial issues and others responding with their views or advice. This is just the skeleton of the site that is planned, so please keep coming back and keep patient whilst all other planned features and resources are developed and built.
    Thank you for all the feedback. This has been very helpful. Please keep that coming and see the discussion group for that. In response we are going to simplify the discussion and blog area so all the good exchanges that are going on are easy to find.
    We really encourage users to contribute. This programme will become more interesting and more helpful the more people get involved and share their issues and solutions - as demonstrated already. The discussions on data management, informed consent and trial monitoring are really excellent. Thanks to all those who have got involved. More of the same please!
    Blogs are now a widely respected form of media. On this programme we want to see whether they are a good mechanism for researchers to share their approaches, methods and experiences. I think this might take a while to get going but as our first 'bloggers' get confident others will follow and this we hope will be a valuable area of the programme.
    It is evident that the guidance articles are being well read and the resources downloaded – great! That is what they are therefore. The idea now is to build this library and we invite people to write an article. It can be on any topic, the brief is simply to write a ‘how to’ set of notes that describe a process, step, methods or event that occurs in design, operating and managing trials. These need not be long, probably only 2 or 3 sides and they are accompanied by references if applicable (not always) and any templates, examples or other resources that you could share. These articles are then peer reviewed and placed on the site with the author listed. It is a good professional development opportunity and a great opportunity to share something your site does well. So please do send some in:
    So good progress so far, please keep coming back and do share this site with your colleagues. Please remember that this is a community based programme and the more involvement and contribution there is the better and more beneficial it will be.

  • tlang Trudie Lang 21 May 2010

    Thank you Peter! Well we have had this online now for over a week and we have had 120 people register. Most people who come to the site are returning, which is encouraging and all the contributions are exciting and interesting. There is a great exchange going on about community engagement - very pleasing as this is such as key area. There have been some requests for help with training resources and how to approach data management. Also good to see as this is exactly what we were hoping people would use this platform for. This is a new approach and we would really welcome people to write their own blogs and contribute to discussions. A couple of trial blogs would be interesting and informative, whilst also encouraging others - so go on, tell us about your clinical trial and all the little challenges you face every day!

  • MPROJ_RESEARCH Peter Olupot-Olupot 14 May 2010

    This Platform has come on time! A lot of researchers in the developing world need a friend to help in time of need, the one who can guide and answer research related queries and be available all the time and every where. Global Health Trials is this friend. Thanks. Peter OO

  • tlang Trudie Lang 14 May 2010

    Thanks Kevin. We are going to make it easier to see peoples profiles as one of the key ideas is that people who work in different areas of clinical trials can find each other - so Data managers can get together and share ideas for example, or a research nurse can ask others how they approach consent in difficult situations. So it is very important that people complete their profiles as fully as possible. We need to know what people do and where they are! Later we'll have an area on the site where you can find people's locations and site what is going on in your area. So yes it is really excellent we have so many people - so now we are encouraging everyone to share a few more details! Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

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