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I have just completed the Short Course in Clinical Trials at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I would recommend this to anyone who is relatively new to clinical trials or who wants to get a deeper understanding about trial design, analysis etc. It is a 5-day course and the topics covered include protocol design, randomisation, sample size, statistical analysis, data safety and monitoring, ethics, and a session on systematic reviews. The teaching on the course is of the highest standard and the mix of students was also excellent with people from several countries and from widely different backgrounds (clinicians, nurses, statisticians, regulatory authorities, journal editorial staff, funding body staff etc.) The short course is only run once a year so will next be in September 2011 (further details at There are also alternative options such as taking the Clinical Trials MSc module either as a London-based module or as distance learning. If anyone wants further information please get in touch and I can direct you to the appropriate people.

  • mafurubaraka LUSHINGE Y KULWA 18 Jun 2020

    I need to learn this short course I'm very interested with use

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 1 May 2014

    Sorry - here is a list of all the short courses, including clinical trials but also others that may be of interest such as global mental health.

  • chidemannie chidemannie 30 Apr 2014

    the link is broken

  • andreamia0528 andrea coca 27 Mar 2012

    Hi Richard i'm very interested in that course do you think it's possible to get on line?
    Thank you

  • yarig_sobe Yarig Edward Sobe 11 Mar 2011

    Hi Margaret,
    There is also a full time course very interesting in University of Ghana-School of public health. It is 12 month full course in Msc Clinical trials, it is actually structured the same as that of the London school but run as a regular course. Applications are open now and u can check it at the school website.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 22 Nov 2010

    Thanks Margaret. These are indeed excellent courses. You might also wish to look in the bookmark area of the website as here members have placed links to many free and open access online courses. There are several on there that you might be interested in. We welcome all members to recommend any free and open access courses and resources they have found helpful.

  • nakuyamarg Margaret 12 Nov 2010

    Thanks Richard. I am new in clinical trial and i really want to broadden my knowledge about clinical trials. Please let me know how i can apply and undertake these noble courses.

    Work on a clinical trial in Uganda in Africa.
    Please keep me updated because i have the interest.

    Margaret Nakuya

  • stevequanza stevequanza 24 Oct 2010

    Thanks Richard for sharing your experience with the clinical trials short course at LSHTM. Cheers!! Steve.