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Seminar, first published on the 19th of August 2014

Dr Margaret Varga, Visiting fellow at the Oncology Department, Oxford University


Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are of important concern in patient care. This talk discusses Visual Analytics techniques which have been developed to help detect, monitor, analyse and understand trends, clusters and outbreaks of HAI.

Margaret Varga’s research interests are in visual analytics and visualisation. She also has a major interest in medical image processing where she developed the world’s first automated breast cancer grading system. She has over 100 publications in areas including image processing and compression, pattern processing, decision support and disease surveillance; she has seven patents in the fields of communications and medical image processing.

She is a director of Seetru and is a visiting fellow at the Oncology Department, Oxford University. She is the chairman of the NATO IST-110 “Visualization for Analysis” research task group and has been UK National Leader on previous NATO Visualisation groups since 1996.