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Published on 25 Mar 2015: Seminar presented at The University of Oxford

Niels Peek (MSc, PhD) is Reader in Health Informatics at the Health e-Research Centre from the University of Manchester. He has a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. His research focuses on data-driven informatics methods for healthcare quality improvement, data mining for healthcare, predictive models, and clinical computerised decision support. He has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed, scientific publications. Previously based at the University of Amsterdam, he led the “CARDSS” initiative which secured 1.7M euro funding and introduced computerised decision support in 40 Dutch hospitals. He co-organised international workshops on intelligent data analysis in biomedicine in Aberdeen (2005), Verona (2006) and Bled (2011), and a workshop on electronic phenotyping in Washington, DC (2014). In 2013, he acted as Scientific Programme Chair of the 14th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2013). Currently he chairs an international working group on “Data Mining and Big Data Analytics” from the International Medical Informatics Association and is the President of the European Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Building on the concept of rapid learning health systems, Dr. Peek’s seminar focuses on the use of health information technology to address epidemiological and public health questions and to accelerate the translation of research findings to clinical practice.

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