Several of Global Health Trials' Regional Faculties have implemented exceptional, cost-effective blended learning schemes, using a computer room and the Global Health Network's free eLearning courses to create a novel way of building their research teams' skills and knowledge. The Nigerian faculty explain their experiences here, and you can download their "how to" document on the right hand side of the screen, to use at your own site!


The Nigerian Faculty say:

The eLearning course on the global health network platform is beneficial in building clinical research capacity of health care professionals in LMIC. A clinical research team including various roles was independently formed in National Hospital Abuja Nigeria as a response to the need to build clinical research capacity of health care professionals in Nigeria.

 Since 2012, the team has been meeting for one hour weekly to review journals, as well as learn together using the online e-learning resources available on the Global Health Network platform. The harmonious integration of e-learning with the usual work of healthcare professionals is referred to as blended e-learning. The meeting has been found to be impactful, cost effective and sustainable.

The benefit of the meeting was advertised to other institutions within Abuja and beyond and a standard operating procedure to guide new blended e-learning groups was developed.

Seven blended e-learning groups in four different hospitals are currently functional.  Two hundred and sixty five participants including various clinical research roles attend the blended e-learning training weekly.


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