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We have recently obtained permission to share some very interesting videos on The Global Health Network. The videos are from Global Health Videos by Greg Martin. You can follow more videos from him at his YouTube channel

Below are links to videos that deal with issues relating to Glolbal Health and Ethics.

1. Global Health Ethics - A Framework for Thinking 

In this video, Dr Greg Martin introduces the "global health ethics series" by defining "philosophy" and outlining a few of the frameworks and theories that will be used in the following videos.


2. Global Health Ethics (understudying right and wrong) 

In this video Dr Greg Martin discusses utilitarian and deotological ethical frameworks and talks about a thought experiment to help make sense of moral and ethical problems in the global health space.


3. Global Health and Human Rights

This is episode three in a series on Global Health Ethics. In this episode, Dr Greg Martin looks at the idea of human rights and tried to provide a simple definition. He also identifies rights that have implications for global health.


4. Exploitation and Global Health

In the 4th Episode of Global Health Ethics, Dr Greg Martin talks about the idea of exploitation and public health. If you're interested in ethics or human rights, this video will help you understand some important issues related to exploitation.


 5. Justice, Equality and Global Health

In this video, Dr Greg Martin talks about the idea of justice and how it applies to global health. This video is part of a series of videos that look at ethics and public health.  


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