• Protocol Development Steps toolkit: find guidance on all elements of Protocol development in addition to practical advice such as how to navigate regulations and guidelines, the importance of community engagement, and tips on collaborative writing.
  • Study Cycle Main Resources: Useful documents and links divided into sections: Study Design and Planning; Ethics and Regulations; Study Procedures; Data Collection, Management, and Analysis; and Study Operations
  • Quality Management Toolkit: set forth the principles for good research practices, helping teams to consider the quality practices and processes of their study, through the actions and measures that are carried out by the team to ensure the quality and consistency of the study results they wish to achieve.
  • Study Walk-through: translate your protocol into an accurate and successful study. This toolkit describes the study walkthrough approach, why it might be of benefit to your study and how you can successfully implement the method using practical examples and 'How to' guidance.
  • Data Science:

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