FutSci (Future Science), www.FutSci.com, is the crowdfunding platform dedicated to raising funds for Research, Innovation and Technology projects within the Life Sciences arena. The platform is designed by scientists and aims to support all researchers, particularly those at an early stage in their careers by providing a complement to traditional funding avenues.

Researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs can post any project in need of funding, at any stage, and donors can select the individual projects they wish to support, with donations in multiple currencies starting as low as £1 and with no upper limit. All projects are peer reviewed before going live on the platform. The platform is open to researchers and donors worldwide. The FutSci team works closely with researchers to develop, launch and run crowdfunding campaigns.


Why use crowdfunding to fund your research?

Crowdfunding science has huge benefits beyond the obvious financial gain. The model fosters trust in researchers and their work. Crucially it opens a dialogue between scientists and the public as the public is encouraged to ask questions. This in turn gives scientists the opportunity to explain their work in an understandable manner. Crowdfunding science promotes transparency in funding as backers of campaigns contribute directly to projects and therefore know exactly who and what they are funding.

Read more about how crowdfunding promotes science research here: 10 reasons to crowdfund your science research by clicking HERE.


How to use crowdfunding to complement traditional funding sources?

FutSci makes all types of research possible, from basic to clinical, applied technologies to bioethics. Importantly funding can be raised for projects, equipment, conferences, apps, devices etc. The platform was developed to complement traditional funding avenues. It can be used as a small fund for pilot studies, as bridge funding between grants, as a top-up fund or even as THE fund. It can be successfully utilized by university spin-offs and start-ups as an initial funding pot. FutSci aims to work with traditional funding bodies to drive research, innovation and technology in the Life Sciences.


Raising awareness for your work – ‘The Science Spotlight’

We’re building a scientific community that engages with the wider public, raising awareness of the scope of Life Sciences. The ‘Science Spotlight’ promotes this by inviting researchers to submit posts about their work and share their passion for their chosen subject. This is independent of crowdfunding campaigns run on the platform and is open to all members of the Life Science community.

Science Spotlight Guidelines can be found by clicking HERE.

Contact us!

We’re developing the platform to meet the needs of the Life Science community and feedback is always welcome.

If you have any questions about crowdfunding your work or would like to submit a post to the Science Spotlight please contact Dr Deepika Kassen at dkassen@futsci.com.

You can find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/FutSciNow, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/futscifund/, You Tube, https://www.youtube.com/c/FutsciMyScience


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