The Competency Radar is a graphic tool accompanying the TDR Global Competency Framework for clinical research (to access more tools, go there). This tool enables you to better visualise your strengths, as well as areas where further training or experience is needed to build your profile as a clinical researcher, regardless of your exact clinical research role or level. 

Please use the guidelines on the TDR competency grading scheme here to determine your own scores. We provide the table below for quick reference:


Once you have defined your score for each of the competency (and averaged them per sub-area), click on the title of an area of competency below to open the corresponding panel and input your average score.

Your personal competency radar will be updated accordingly, and displayed further down on this webpage (this may take a few seconds to update).

Your professional skills' level is proportional to the area covered by the central, light-blue circle on this chart: the bigger this circle, the higher your professional skills. Your specific competencies are indicated by the star-like line on top of it.

You are currently using the online version of the Competency Radar & Grading Scheme. You can also download a PDF version for offline use:

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