Phineas Mara Makola

About: I am an African biomedical science professional in my early 30s. I graduated in 2014 with my undergraduate degree in BSc Medical Sciences. In 2014 Jan I then registered for an MSc degree in Chemical Pathology until 2016. My professional passions include research, essay validation, and supervision. I love disseminating information as my attempt to live the proof that knowledge is power. So, I try to share that power with other people, in turn learning from others too. I have worked in both research and diagnostic laboratory environments but I now believe it's time I go back to research as I have found diagnostic to be more limiting and confining with very minimal opportunities for growth. My decision stems from personal experience, after spending a few years in the diagnostic environment. I aim to consistently empower myself and grow in areas of weakness and difficulty and I believe it is only through research that this is possible. Therefore, I am currently in search of any organization with research opportunities to take me in. I would really appreciate that.

Location: Ga-Thoka
Job: Laboratory Staff


  • Medical Scientist in Microbiology at Pathcare Laboratories

    2 Jan 2024 -


  • BSc Medical Sciences at University of Limpopo
  • 1 Feb 2010 - 20 Dec 2013

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