About: Mr Tresor Ngom research focuses on molecular biology and evolution of pathogens causing disease burden (zoonotic pathogens, TB, HIV and coinfections), Molecular epidemiology, Molecular Diagnostics, Genomics (Mycobactomics), Resistance Mechanisms and Health Research& Development (Vaccine and Drug resistance fighting). His strong desire is to understand the spreading, evolution and interactions between viral/bacteria pathogens from humans, animals and the environment with the optimal goal to predict outbreak and preserving human health, animal health and conserving the environment. In another hand, to participate in the improvement of molecular surveillance of resistant pathogens and rapid molecular Diagnostic method. “Vocation is having one’s passion as a profession,” as Stendhal said.

Location: Cameroon
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tresor-ngom-139a7b87/
Job: Student


  • Molecular and Cell Biology at University of Douala
  • Molecular Biology at Stellenbosch University
  • 1 Feb 2021 - 2 Feb 2023

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