Doris Hall

About: Search for Cheer Scholarships The cost of your college education will impact the decision of where you go to school. There are many cheer programs that offer scholarships for members of the squad. It is important to find out about any financial aid options for schools you are interested in attending. There are also private funding options for cheerleaders. One example is the Kentucky Association of Pep Organization Sponsors, which provides scholarships to high school seniors. Practice College Cheer Techniques If you are in a squad that is focused on only one technique, it is important to brush up on other techniques, as well. College cheer requires a student that is able to perform all sorts of cheerleading techniques, including coed-style, all-girl stunting, and open stunt techniques. It is important to at least know the basics of the techniques you will need for college cheer. There are many high schools that will provide camps and extra practices to help seniors prepare for college tryouts. If you school offers this, you should enroll to perfect your skills.

Location: Arizona, USA
Job: Ethicist

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