Overview of Good Clinical Practice Training - 
The Good Clinical Practice (GCP) online training consists of 12 modules. Each module discusses a specific GCP standard. General conduct of research standards are also presented.
Pop-up screens with definitions and links to other web sites and documents provide additional information. You may make this training as comprehensive as you like by reading only the required information or by examining the linked documents and web sites that interest you.
There is a quiz that must be completed by every CTN staff member who is required to complete GCP training for protocol or node requirements. The quiz questions are based on the information provided directly in this course, including pop-up summaries and definitions. The questions are not based on information provided in the external linked documents or web sites.
These modules may be completed one at a time or may be completed in one sitting. The approximate time to complete each module is:
Introduction – 10 minutes (no quiz for this module)Institutional Review Boards – 30 minutesInformed Consent – 60 minutesConfidentiality & Privacy – 30 minutesParticipant Safety & Adverse Events – 45 minutesQuality Assurance – 30 minutesThe Research Protocol – 20 minutesDocumentation & Record–Keeping – 25 minutesResearch Misconduct – 30 minutesRoles & Responsibilities – 25 minutesRecruitment & Retention – 30 minutesInvestigational New Drugs – 30 minutesYou may either complete all the modules and then take the quizzes, or you may take the quiz related to a module when you have completed the reading for that topic. The questions for each module are located on the last page of the module. Once you’ve completed a module, excluding the quiz, a link to that quiz will be available on the Main Menu.
Successful completion requires an overall score, for all quizzes, of 80% or better.
A certificate will be available for printing once you successfully complete the course. The link to your certificate will appear on the main menu.
Reff: http://gcp.nihtraining.com/login.php?lo=true


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