Sitting down to write a grant application? Recently submitted a proposal or been successful in the last MRC board round? Building grant writing skills is a great way to help secure funding. With experience of working with various MRC boards and panels, Dr David Crosby, Programme Manager for Methodology and Experimental Medicine, has a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for. Here he describes how to master the application process and make your grant stand out from the rest. 


  • karimabdulrahman20 karimabdulrahman20 24 Nov 2023

    Hi to everyone, I need your support how to write a proper grant paper

  • sherrijklaus sherrijklaus 15 Aug 2023

    I'm a student myself, I have some projects, but I don't know what I need to do to apply for a grant at all :(

  • rojldee89 rojldee89 31 Aug 2022

    Hi all, To start, I am an undergrad in microbiology and I am in the process of writing my 1st official (not for a class) grant proposal for my research project. However, I am nervous as hell and not really sure how to write a proper grant paper. I have collected a decent amount of literature to support my experimental designs but i guess putting them in a understandable manner is somehow eluding me. I am just wondering if there are tips for 1st timer like me in writing stuff like this.

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