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It's been a busy few months for the Honduras regional faculty for REDe and Global Health Trials. The team have been promoting the work of REDe and The Global Health Network at conferences, sharing and disseminating information, winning awards for their work and are preparing for a workshop on 29th September on research integrity. Great work team Honduras! Click the title to see pictures of the events.
REDe/TGHN Promotion by Honduras team, August/Sept 2017:
During the development of this Meeting, the REDe/TGHN platform was actively promoted in several modalities, including the following. Additional information is available at
1) Information Stand, August 22-25, 2017. An information stand was installed during the days of the Meeting in the Gallery exhibition area of the Clarion Hotel. The participants were informed about the platform resources and tools. The participants had also the opportunity to register.
2) Forum on Ethics of Research in Pregnancy, August 22-23, 2017. During this Forum, the program included aconference on REDe/TGHN Platform resources and tools. The participants received promotional materials.
3) Central American and Caribbean Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Meeting Scientific Session, August 26,2017. Pediatrician Fátima Rico, Hospital Escuela Universitario and Pediatrics Department Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), presented an abstract of a work type experience, entitled: Response to zika epidemic:Training on neonatal growth monitoring through the Research Capacity Network (REDe) / The Global Health Network, Faculty of Medical Sciences UNAH, Tegucigalpa , Honduras, 2016-2017. The Abstract Book is available at The group also won an award for this abstract, coming second in the "experience" category (read more here!). 
Upcoming activities
Fatima Rico, Pediatrician, regional faculty, will also be presenting an abstract at the Jornada Cientifica XI Congreso de Ciencias de la Salud on 27th September.
Following this, the faculty are also planning a workshop entitled Course on Good Practices and Scientific Integrity in Research for Health which will be on the 29th Sept, at Hotel Florence, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. With a special interest in ethics and integrity in outbreak research, the team are well placed to deliver an excellent day to attendees. 
Thank you to the Honduran faculty for their very hard work!

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 6 Oct 2017

    Attached is an update relating to the meeting XXIV Jornada Científica y XI Congreso de Investigación en Ciencias de la Salud And abstract: Response to Zika epidemics: training on neonatal growth monitoring through Research Capacity Network (REDe) / The Global Health Network, UNAH, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2016-2017

    Well done to the Honduras faculty!

    Attached files: JornadaCientifica_FRico_Abstract_September28_2017.pdf