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Since most trials and conducted in a resource limited setting, we meet most of participants who can not read and write. Who writes their names in the consent form?

  • jmwilo jmwilo 26 Oct 2012

    It's same thing, we make sure the witness is able to read and write so he will be able to write, not illiterate.

  • jochenga jochenga 25 Oct 2012

    Hello, this is a problem that we are familiar with in my setting too. We use an independent witness (there was an interesting discussion recently on this website about who can be an independent witness). The witness is there to make sure that they approve that the person has understood the verbal explanation informed consent form, and they can also give their signature on the form. The subject just has to give a thumbprint to confirm they understand the details of the study.

    Whereabouts are you based? Do others do anything different?