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The great morning of wednesday, 6th November, 2013 brought the best feelings that has accompanied Global Health Trials workshop.
Started registration at 8:30am
Dr Kubadejo welcomed participants to the College Medicine University of Lagos as Institutional Review Board Chairman, with much enthusiasm at 9:15am.
Talk on GHT followed by Emmanuel Benyeogor, with questions on How Global Health Trials Network remove bias, Advanyages of having a Nigeria group, West Africa seperate from Central africa where asked.
Breakfast is served at 10:30am
Dr Morenike takes Fundamentals of Protocol at 11:15
Questions on Differential
list for what must be followed in clinical Ifeoluwa
UBTH for perosons working with microoganism is there need for ethical clearance
olusegun asks on methods of how to register with nafdac
Differentiate between objective objective, 1, 2, who to submit protocol to what to?
popoola ethically right for researcher to
using prevalence from Kenya in a current design