The aim of this knowledge hub is to support a rapid research response to this outbreak and provide researchers with access to tools and resources to make it quicker and easier to set up their studies to monitor and explore this disease. Ideally, this community should create some standardized approaches to data capture in order that data can be shared and analysis pooled. A great way to get involved here is by asking questions or explaining your work on this discussion forum. If you are running studies in CHIKV, please can you share your protocol and data capture tools by emailing them to As soon as we hear from you, we will upload the resources to the website and make them publicly available so that others can adapt and use them for their studies. Through this community we can build awareness and engagement and hopefully research funding.

Links to external news and resources to follow

Geographic Spread of Chikungunya in the Americas for 2013 - 2017 by PAHO

Factsheet Chikungunya by PAHO