The ethos of Global Health Trials is to build a professional community of people who work as clinical researchers, either as investigators or research staff. The aim is to build the community and have it run by and for this proffesional body of users.

It would be excellent if members and users of this platform could help with its growth and development. It needs to be ground up and locally relevant. To help with this members could give seminars in their local institutions and even organise workshops to further expand on the concept of sharing methods and knowledge to support clinical trials across disease areas.

A workshop was conducted recently in Nairobi. This was highly sucessful and was over subscribed. It was attended by research groups from academia, government research institutes, industry, NGO's and CRO's. Local speakers came and broad topics of benefit to all were covered such as local regulation and regulatory issues, clinical research laboratories, community engagement, top-tips for study start and career development and support.  These workshops are easy to set up if a few local groups get involved and often meeting facilities can be provided by a local University or Government research centre. Attached is a suggested programme for a workshop.

Giving a seminar on Global Health Trials might also benefit your research organisation. It would raise awareness of how methods, training, tools and resources could be shared between the different research project within centres and how doing so can raise standards and reduce duplication. Research staff can be made aware of the resources available for free on Global Health Trials and that the e-learning and Professional Membership Scheme could really benefit individuals and research centres in the support, development and retention of staff.

The slide set here can be used for such seminars. Other slide sets are also available for workshops and other seminars. Help and support can also be provided for planning workshop and seminars. Please get in touch via

It is your Global Health Trials so please get involved and help build this professional community. The more active members there are the more resources are shared and the more responses given to calls for guidance on discussion forums. All this can support more and better trials. Do think about giving a seminar on this and just ask if you need any help or further information



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