We are pleased to share two great videos from the Global Health with Dr Greg Martin YouTube channel

How to create an epidemic curve

Published on 23rd December 2016

Epidemic curves are an important component of the public health and global health toolbox. During an outbreak of an infectious disease, public health professionals and epidemiologists create visual representations of the onset of illness of cases over time. This video focusses on how to create an epidemic curve. The next video will cover concepts like the incubation period and the latent period. 


How interpret an epidemic curve

Published 6 Jan 2017

Epidemic curves are a visual representation of the onset of cases in an outbreak. In this video Dr Greg Martin explains how to interpret and epidemic curve for point source outbreaks, common source outbreaks and propagated outbreaks. Epidemiologists and public health professionals use epi-curves (or epidemic / epidemiological) curves to better understand infectious disease outbreaks. 



  • pusleckijonasz Helen87 6 Mar 2017

    This is really interesting. I had no clue what do epidemic curves even mean, and now I can talk about it with a good friend.

  • jamesnorwick JamesNorwick 17 Jan 2017

    Thank you very much Greg for your insightful videos. I didn't know that Global Health had so many of them. I'll be sure to subscribe and watch every video I haven't so far! Thanks.

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