In the year 2011, 6.9 million children under the age of 5 years died worldwide, one third of them related to increased susceptibility to illnesses due to undernutrition. The risk factors for undernutrition include low birth weight, inadequate breastfeeding, improper complementary feeding, and recurrent infections. Infectious diseases often coexist with micronutrient deficiencies and exhibit complex interactions leading to the vicious cycle of malnutrition and infections.

The universal coverage with the full package of these proven interventions at observed levels of program effectiveness could prevent about one quarter of child deaths under 36 months of age and reduce the prevalence of stunting at 36 months by about one third.

I attach my recent review on the possible strategies to combat malnutrition include promotion of breastfeeding, dietary supplementation of micronutrients, prevention of protein-energy malnutrition, and hygiene of available weaning foods and how best topackage these intevrentions for universal scale-up.


  • healthwellgood Healthwellgood 28 Jun 2021

    A kid’s health is very important because it’s the longer term. Your baby is eating a healthy diet, and his or her weight is nice for age. A healthy lifestyle implies that your baby’s body is of course healthy and his or her health will improve.

  • jaikdas Jai K Das 8 Feb 2013

    Thanks for sharing your piece of work!

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