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The Clinical Trial Simulator

The Clinical Trial Simulator logoThe Clinical Trial Simulator a free software package that can simulate Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials (RCTs).  With the CTS a user can explore aspects of the design, conduction and analyses of RCTs.

The Clinical Trial Simulator has its own website: http://www.randomization.org/

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A resource pack for teachers running a basic training workshop on randomised controlled trials

This 12-module package has been developed by the Practihc group to support the running of a basic training workshop on randomised controlled trials.  The modules discuss the major issues surrounding randomised controlled trials including allocation, sample size calculations, adherence, ethics and trial management.  The outline of the course as a pdf is here.

Each module contains a list of learning objectives, most have a set of slides that can be used to support the module and supporting articles are also provided.  The course can be run as a two and half to five day course with the longer course allowing more small group work and discussion.  It is particularly suited to groups of participants who have an idea for a protocol.

Teachers are free to use the course material in courses with no fee as long as the Practihc project is acknowledged.  Those charging course fees should contact Andy Oxman at oxman@online.no before using these materials.

The whole course, or modules from it can be downloaded at http://homepage.mac.com/streweek/Trial_Protocol_Tool/FileSharing36.html

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This document was last updated 8th November 2007.