Economic evaluation

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Resources available to health care decision-makers are scarce.  When choosing which intervention to adopt,  decision makers have to trade off the benefits against the costs. As a result, decision-makers and funding bodies now increasingly require information not only on the effectiveness of the particular intervention but also on its efficiency relative to other interventions.  This has led to the inclusion of concurrent economic evaluations as standard practice alongside trials of the effectiveness of interventions.
An ECONOMIC EVALUATION is “the comparative analysis of alternatives courses of action in terms of both their costs and consequences”. There are different types of economic evaluations:

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Things to consider when writing a protocol

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Additional resources

Trial Protocol Tool resource iconEconomic Evaluations alongside Randomised Controlled Trials.

This workbook was contributed by Rodolfo Hernandez, Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

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Trial Protocol Tool resource iconWHO Economic Evaluations Workbook

This workbook is about economic evaluation. Economic evaluations involve the identification, measurement and valuation, and then comparison of the costs (inputs) and benefits (outcomes) of two or more alternative treatments or activities.

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Web resource iconHealth Utilities Group / Health Utilities Index And Quality-Of-Life

The Health Utilities Index (HUIR) is a generic, preference-scored, comprehensive system for measuring health status, health-related quality of life, and producing utility scores. The Health Utilities Group (HUG) focuses on preference-based measures of health-related quality of life for describing treatment process and outcomes in clinical studies, for population health studies, and economic evaluations of health care services.

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Web resource iconEQ-5D

EQ-5D is a standardised instrument for use as a measure of health outcome. Applicable to a wide range of health conditions and treatments, it provides a simple descriptive profile and a single index value for health status that can be used in the clinical and economic evaluation of health care.

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Web resource iconCentre for Health Evidence

How to use an Article on Economic Analysis of Clinical Practice. Bernie J. O'Brien, Ph.D., Daren Heyland, M.D., W. Scott Richardson, M.D., Mitchell Levine, M.D., Michael F. Drummond, Ph.D., for the Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. Based on the Users Guides to Evidence-based Medicine and reproduced with permission from JAMA. (1997 May 21; 277(19):1552-1557) and (1997 Jun 11; 277(22):1802-1806) (Published erratum in 1997 Oct 1; 278(13):1064). Copyright 1999, American Medical Association.

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Web resource iconNHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED)

NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED). National Health Service Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (NHS CRD). University of York. UK.

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