About: I am interested in Science in all its branches (, science will save us from the ignorance and collapse of humanity in the face of any kind of lie. The man-machine interface relationship will allow us to do extraordinary things from nanotechnology, in relation to medicine, optogenetics, informatics and neurocomputing. The handling of barionic and non-baryonic matter through interfaces are my biggest dreams. Epigenetics and genetics combined with all the above a great dream. My project: is based on the possibility of regenerating germ layer cells in preterm infants. If we assume that through nuclear magnetic resonance we have coronal cuts of the ependymal layer and if we can have a software to generate an interface with a hardware device that handles the light and thus route stem cells through optogenetic knowledge, such regeneration would be carried out . Stem cells would be taken from Warton jelly from the umbilical cord. Consequently, through the Interface and Interaction we could carry out this extraordinary healing for the brain of preterm infants. Thank you

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job: Academic


  • Alejandro Gustavo Sabatini, Médico UBA at -


  • Alejandro Gustavo Sabatini, Magister de la Universidad de Buenos Aires

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