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The Global Health Network offers free short eLearning courses in different aspects of clinical research, in multiple languages.

These courses, written by global research experts who have shared their face-to-face courses for wider dissemination online, are available in the Global Health Trials' elearning centre. The idea is that they are free, practical courses which will quickly and simply teach you about a particular step or process of clinical research. They are low bandwidth and can be downloaded and taken offline, if you wish. The quiz at the end of each course is the only part that must be taken online.

You can access the eLearning centre here:

Courses are available in the following:
1. Introduction to Clinical Research
2. ICH Good Clinical Practice
3. The Research Question
4. The Study Protocol: Part one
5. The Study Protocol: Part two
6. Data Safety Monitoring Boards for Clinical Trials
7. Introduction to Informed Consent
8. Introduction to Data Management For Clinical Research Studies
9. Introduction to Collecting and Reporting Adverse Events in Clinical Research
10. Introduction to Reviewing Genomic Research
11. Basic Malaria Microscopy
12. The Retrospective Treatment Outcome Study for Traditional Medicines

And more courses are being added all the time. All those who score over 80% in the quiz at the end of each course gain a certificate, which you can then download from your profile whenever you need it.

Global Health Trials has teamed up with Translators Without Borders, the not-for-profit translation group, to translate the courses into numerous languages. If you need a translation but don't see it in the list, let us know!

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about the eLearning courses.


  • umarukabiaalimamy Alimamy Umaru Kabia 26 Mar 2015

    I have done my GCP course online but yet still i have not received my certificate.

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 27 Mar 2015

    Dear Alimamy

    All the courses off an automatic certificate which can be downloaded from your profile - but you have to score over 80% in the quiz to achieve it. If you didn't score 80%, you can retake the quiz so as to achieve your certificate - simply click on the link for the quiz page again.

    I hope that helps, please do let us know if you have further problems.
    Kind regards
    The Editorial Team

  • anangelwilla Anange Lwilla 15 May 2016

    Hellow....i would like to take this course. But the link seems unavailable. Please assist. Thank you

  • GHN_Editors The Editorial Team 16 May 2016

    Dear Anange, many thanks for picking up the link - this should now be working.

    Kind regards, The Editorial Team

  • kintufaisal2017 Mwoko faisal 4 Nov 2019

    Waiting for my results of the test and certificate

  • Les questions pour obtention de brevet svp!

  • Les questions pour obtention de brevet svp!

  • Les questions pour obtention de brevet svp!

  • Les questions pour obtention de brevet svp!

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the free e-learning courses.

  • bkehkashanshah Kehkashan Shah 6 Nov 2019

    Hello Nakol Scholastica Faith!

    You are most welcome! We are so glad you are enjoying our e-learning courses. The Global Health Network aims to enable research by sharing knowledge and methods, and that means sharing resources and free e-learning materials to help you and all our fantastic users globally.

    Kindest Regards

    The TGHN Training Team

  • nguginyambura DAN NGUGI 8 Nov 2019

    I have done GCLP modules i request you to release other 2 modules highlighted below the course. thank you in advance.

  • agsabatini agsabatini 18 Nov 2019

    I want to thank the effort they have made!!!

    Attached files: 1.jpg
  • pranitagg11 pranita gg 27 Nov 2019

    Good and inform-able article by the author about Clinical trials and Clinical Research.

  • emaate500 Masereka Edson 23 Jan 2020

    Hello, i finished the GCLP online course but i have never received my email.

  • neelammotwani1140 Neelam 8 Apr 2020

    Not able find certificate of GCP

  • deborahodongo1990 Deborah Akello Odongo 22 Apr 2020

    Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya.
    I am doing well in the courses,so far I have done 12 of the courses.Am grateful for your support.All the courses are vital,informative,crucial to all in the Medical/Healthcare fraternity.Many thanks again,to the authorities at The Global Health Network.

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