Mobile Application security isn’t a luxury it is the necessity. It is to protect your application against the threats, data theft, keeping the user information and what not. In this article, we’ll explore the Mobile Application Security and 5 best practices to be a pro at application security.
One breach can cost a ton of money to any mobile app development company and did I mention the trust of customers will also be lost. Hence, mobile app security should be a preference right from the beginning when mobile app developers start developing the application.
What is Mobile App Security?
Mobile app security is all about finding, fixing and taking precautions and preventing security breaches. App security is to guard the applications against the internet menaces, data theft, keeping the user information safe and what not.
As mobile devices provide open-platform functionality, it is good as well bad. The threats to the data and other security issues and attacks are common. There are several protection measures that mobile app developers take to secure their applications and user’s data from malware and criminal activities, crackers and hackers.
5 Practices for Better Mobile App Security
With one gap in the security, a hacker can sneak peek inside your application steal all the important information of the customers like name, age, home address, account numbers and even the current location that too with a definite accuracy. Business mobile applications transfer extremely sensitive information and data that attackers are constantly working to extract.Hence, mobile app developers need to be extra careful when it comes to secure the applications. In this article, we are going to see 5 most basic but essential practices for better security of the applications.
1. Secure Code
Errors, bugs, vulnerabilities and loopholes in a code are the origin for most attacks. Attackers can try to re-design your code so that it’ll look the same as the previous one but function according to them, and to get this done all they need is the publically available app of yours. Analysis reveals that malicious code is more prone o the attacks.Hence, keeping the security of your code in mind from the day one of the development is must and making sure it has lesser bugs and tough for the breakthrough.
2. Encryption of Every Bit of the Data
Every single unit of data that is exchanged or used in the mobile application development process must be encrypted. Encryption is the security process where plain text turns into something unreadable be it jumbled alphabets making no sense or alphanumeric terms and only a person having the unique key can decipher the data. This means that even if data is stolen, the attackers can use it or extract any information from it.
3. Third-Party Libraries can be Threat
While using third-party libraries, be doubly sure and examining the code thoroughly before using it in your app is the key to avoid any security vulnerabilities.4. Unauthorized APIs is something without a Danger Sign
Unauthorized APIs and loosely coded ones can involuntarily confer the hackers opportunities that can be abused.
5. Better the Authentication Better the Security
Weak the authentication weaker the security. Hence, stronger authentication is the need of the hour. Authentication all about authenticate the user who is using the application by the mean of passwords and other personal identifiers that grant access only when the password or personal information matches.


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